Do Colleges Like Exchange Students?

Colleges are a sea of opportunities. From scholarships to abroad studies, there is plenty to consider. But do colleges like exchange students?

Advantages of exchange programs 

Some opportunities can land on your doorstep daily if you are open to them, especially for students looking to do something productive in their summers off.

Plus, they can really tie in a resume or college application and give you a major boost. There are various internships, pre-college programs, and even abroad travel for high schoolers.

colleges like exchange students

These opportunities allow students to not only network, expand their minds culturally, and learn another language, but they can also embrace their wanted professions.

Furthermore, it also challenges students to leave their comfort zone and their homes, which can prepare them for independent living in college or moving away from their hometown.

Independence also plays a considerable role; no parents around can be fun, but it might also be chaotic. They need to practice self-discipline and thus, increase their level of independence as individuals.

In the middle of all the good parts of an abroad summer comes the question: Do colleges like exchange students?

Do exchange programs look good on college applications?

As plenty of marketing tactics show, yes. Universities themselves advertise their abroad programs and thus, find it appealing when candidates who show true promise to attend them apply.

Nevertheless, so many other candidates go on these programs. Applying to college is more of a contest than a straightforward answer, especially the more selective ones.

A summer abroad can’t make much of a difference in some cases, while it can be the deciding factor in others. It is more of what the student makes of it. 

Admission offices get thousands of applications yearly; out of those, how many have studied abroad? Though it can differ from college to college, it is still likely that plenty of applicants have.

Therefore, it may not be your wow factor, but it definitely shows promise and can look great on a resume as well! Plus, it can make an interesting college essay topic.

Spending your summer in a third-world country such as Ecuador or Ghana and giving back is not only an opportunity to travel and perform a selfless act, but it can also just be a great experience.

It can open new doors and interests you have never had before or even help you choose your career path. Writing about that in your college essay is something inspiring and can make an incredible topic to discuss.

What is the best age to be an exchange student?

Abroad programs target all ages, and there is no one particular age to start traveling abroad and being an exchange student. Some people prefer starting in high school to add to their curriculum and college applications.

In fact, the majority of colleges require a college essay, but do you know about the 5 flaws found in most college application essays? Read all about it in my article.

However, colleges around the world allow students to live and experience other countries while learning more. So if you have already graduated high school, you still have the opportunities to travel and learn simultaneously.

Whether you learn about the culture and culinary arts in France or maybe some architectural program stationed in Italy, the options are endless, and they extend to various programs that can tie in with your wanted career.

Plenty of abroad colleges like exchange students and welcome them to learn some of their culture, language, and knowledge. Nowadays, there are various environmental programs for students to dig into.

Whether you are into renewable energy, environmental issues, social justice or biodiversity, and wildlife conservation, there is something for everyone. Other areas include food and agriculture, global issues, ecology, and economics.

Does being a foreign exchange student look good for college?

In short, yes. It might not be the number one reason you make it into the college of your dreams. 

However, studying abroad before college can make a great addition to your application while also showing you might be interested in traveling during college as well.

Find opportunities abroad that align with your personal or career-oriented interests. Not only will it be an adventure, but it can be precisely what jumpstarts your love for a career or makes you choose something new altogether.

Colleges like exchange students, but they aren’t the only ones. Internships and jobs can also appreciate the much-needed time and dedication required to learn abroad.

Studying abroad can give you the needed experience for a job and further expand your knowledge on the topic. Thus, making the trip worth it for multiple reasons.

Final Thoughts

Yes, it is true, colleges like exchange students. It can be significant leverage between you and another applicant if it comes down to that. 

Colleges can sure be competitive, and studying in another country can open the door to more possibilities. Whether these travels fit into your high school curriculum or a job application, it is a great way to see the world and learn about it too!

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