Should Students Date In High School ?

Is homecoming or Prom coming up? Do you have a date? Let’s talk about whether students should date in High School.

Who hasn’t watched a cheesy high school movie where there is the perfect couple who is idolized by all? I sure have, and it sounds like a dream. But there are two sides to this coin, so explore both below–

students should date in high school


High school relationships can bring a lot of good to the lives of a teenager. Here are some advantages and reasons why students should date in high school.

The Full High School Experience

Many students want to have someone to walk down the halls with. Many fun things can be done throughout your high school years, such as field trips, Prom, and Homecoming.

Though you can attend those events alone, it can be a fun time having your boy/girlfriend with you for those things. Plus, there is a lot you can do outside of school, such as dates and hanging out together.

Doing this can be a fun way to destress and get out of the house. Plus, getting into a high school relationship usually means that friend groups merge and meet each other, which benefits everyone.

Finding Yourself

Overall, having a healthy and harmless relationship in high school can help students identify what they truly want from a relationship and prepare them for future relations.

It allows teens to meet and interact with various types of people, from jocks and cheerleaders to valedictorians and social butterflies. By getting a head start and being around all kinds of people, they will have an easier time doing so later in life.

Furthermore, students will recognize all the qualities they want in a partner and develop better social and emotional skills to use in the future. It will also make connecting with new people more effortless and establishing romantic relationships more comfortable.

Your Person

With all the stress and challenges that come with high school, it can be comforting to have a person you can open up to. Building trust over time and communicating your feelings with a partner can make you feel heard and seen.

Though the hardest times, whether in or out of school, having someone to rely on when you most need it is something all of us search for. Furthermore, this can also help develop a sense of trust in teens. Most specifically, who to trust and how much, which plays a huge role in life.

Being in a relationship in high school can truly ease the pressure teens are learning to deal with. Not all teens feel that they can open up to their parents about everything; thus, having a partner satisfies that need.

Supportive Parents

Some parents can’t wait for their kids to grow up and bring their first boyfriend or girlfriend home to meet them. Though it can be stressful for teens to meet their partner’s parents, it can be a great way to learn how to interact with other people’s families.

Moms sometimes fantasize about prom dress shopping with their daughters, and dads teach their sons how to treat a girl. Even teachers occasionally sit two students together and can spark something on accident or on purpose 😉 

There is definitely support from most parents in allowing their teens to develop relationships in high school. But should students date in high school? Some are against it.


Much like the upsides, dating in high school has a couple of downsides. Let’s review them below:

Big Distraction

Extracurriculars such as sports and clubs are what should take up a student’s extra time. Community service hours and writing a college essay (which can be about anything) are what a student should be focusing on throughout their high school career.

A student’s commitment to school should involve homework, college readiness, community hours, and extracurricular activities. Some students even get a job as well. Adding a relationship to that can be too much for a student to handle.

Apart from the things I’ve previously mentioned, there are also chores, household responsibilities, family time, and self-care time. If done correctly, doing all those things can teach students about time management and how to juggle things well. However, the learning process can take a while and is not done overnight.

Not Forever

The rate of high school sweethearts is extremely low, so you shouldn’t get your hopes up. High school is where identities are being built, and tastes change drastically. Unfortunately, less than 2% of all marriages are high school sweethearts.

When tackling all sorts of challenges at school, it can be hard to support someone else who is learning how to get through it. Like signing a prenup, you should start something by thinking about how it will end and preparing yourself for it.

Long Distance

Most high school relationships don’t last very long because many students move out to college and end up breaking up because long distance is not ideal for most couples.

It is a time for students to graduate, grow up and find their own way. Which almost always means that the relationship will end as they will be separated for an extended period of time.

Even on the off chance that the couple goes to the same college, a lot will change, which can then seriously impact their relationship. College is a time to learn new skills, have a taste of being a grownup, and be challenged in new ways.


The last reason why no students should date in high school is the emotional baggage that comes with being in a relationship. It is not easy to support someone emotionally for the first time.

Teens can be very emotional at times, and it is understandable. However, mixing that with a broken heart is not smart. In addition, it will take a significant toll on the student’s mental health and can affect them drastically both in and out of school.

Final Thoughts

It could have its benefits, such as a date to Prom and knowledge of the type of people you want in your life down the line. Yet it can have negative effects by taking away from classes and leaving a heartbroken teen behind if it ends.

There are good arguments on both sides. Overall, students should date in high school if they feel ready to. Otherwise, it is not truly worth it. Parents should leave it up to the teen to decide if they are willing to be in a relationship.

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