Why Students Shouldn’t Have Phones In School

Phones, distraction, or aid? There are points to be made on both sides of the argument. Let’s talk about why students shouldn’t have phones in school.

Imagine yourself as a teacher, standing in front of around 20-25 students, doing your best to have their focus fall on you. Now you start hearing a notification here, a “ding” there. Suddenly, your student’s attention has washed away, and they are sucked into the world of technology.

Reasons why students shouldn’t have phones in school.

students shouldn't have phones in school as it is distracting.

It can be frustrating as a teacher or professor to have this type of competition inside the classroom. But this is just one of the various reasons why students shouldn’t have phones in school. Below, we will go further into more reasons.

Cheater Cheater

With the answer to the universe at their disposal, students nowadays have to do minimal thinking because accessing the answers has become simple.

Before, children had to use books and research in libraries. There were no group chats or video calls to work on projects together. And no phones to look up the answers on.

Whether a test or homework assignment, cheating has become easy. With phones, computers, smartwatches, and wireless headphones, cheating has become abundant.

This creates an escape route. Instead of challenging themselves to try again, it is effortless to give up and search for the answers. The majority of students today don’t want an explanation; they want to memorize the information, pass it, and discard it. And who can blame them?

Lack of Respect

Don’t talk with your mouth full, say please and thank you, and think before you speak are all respectful things we learn to do early on. Not talking over someone and hearing them out as they speak shows respect, but are teachers receiving it?

It isn’t polite to be looking at your phone while someone is talking to you. Put yourself in their position! Teachers have to deal with this constantly, but don’t get me wrong; sometimes teachers are guilty of being on their phones too.

Distracted Teens

Many adults are guilty of getting distracted throughout the day, answering a message here, or playing a level in a game there. So imagine students in a classroom.

It is now possible for them to join the same games as each other. And having their phones will take away their will and ability to listen and comprehend what they are supposed to be learning.

Unfortunately, it has reached a level where a notification makes most people reach for their phones. Even if they have no need to respond. And some might even feel it vibrate or ring when in reality, it has not.

The ringing of the phone is not only distracting to the student but to others around as well. It can be hard to concentrate while others are texting or receiving calls. Thus, it’s a lose-lose situation.

Grades Drop

Students becoming reliant and sucked into the world of technology can damage their good grades. Even if they use their phones to cheat on homework, when it comes to the test, they won’t be able to pass.

In this sense, it is easy for grades to start dropping. When they do, students might begin to feel pressured and stressed, which can lead to avoiding doing their work and procrastinating.

Socially Awkard

Students these days are used to communicating with one another over text or social media. This means that the need to talk face-to-face is slowly dying out.

Being able to communicate effectively is not only a vital skill to have, but it is also highly important to land a job. It can be quite comforting to hide behind a screen, with no need to show emotion.

However, friendships and social connections can be much stronger if the students put down their phones and talk to one another. This leads to a significant point; cyberbullying is an active issue.


Children and students of all ages are now on social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, which can expose them to certain things they still need to be ready to handle.

Immaturity plays a huge role in cyberbullying; some thrive off making others feel bad or putting them down. Not only can this take away from learning time in class, but it can have grave consequences.

Apart from severely distracting students, being on their phones is bound to expose them to online bullying. This can cause an array of issues, including mental health problems like depression and anxiety, and can even lead to suicide.

It is safe to say that social media can take a toll on students’ mental health. Thus, bringing that into the classroom can only make things worse.

Final Thoughts

Though there are plenty of reasons why students shouldn’t have phones in school, we must admit they can be helpful too. There is a plethora of reasons why students having phones in the classroom can be beneficial.

Nevertheless, if students will continue to use their phones at school, they must do so respectfully and learn to use them correctly. Technology can bring a lot to the table, and students must tap into that resource for learning.

But at the end of the day, it can be fun to message your friends or play some games to have fun. All must be done in balance in order to create a healthy connection with technology.

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